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MA Bank

Employee Directory

Universal Bankers

Name Email  Telephone
Courtney McElhaney
Assistant Vice President, Macon Branch Manager
660-385-3161 x305
Hunter Brooke 
Assistant Branch Manager
660-385-3161 x231
Steve Sullivan
Assistant Vice President,
IRA/HSA Administrator 660-385-3161 x222
Miki Wright 660-385-3161 x231
Linda Johnsen 660-385-3161 x231
Zoey Deuser 660-385-3161 x231
Callie Hoskin 660-385-3161 x231
Jordan Mahaffey 660-385-3161 x231
Kari Truitt 660-385-3161 x231
Andrew Cosby 660-385-3161 x231
Cortnie Canote 660-385-3161 x231
Katie Hamlin 660-385-3161 x231
Miranda Peavler 660-385-3161 x231
Madison Harrison 660-385-3161 x231

Customer Service Representatives

Name Email  Telephone
Whitney Coffman
Assistant Vice President, Call Center Manager
660-385-3161 x402
Kyliee Lanpher
Customer Support Rep.
660-385-3161 x201
Kenzie Easley
Customer Support Rep

660-385-3161 x102
Carolyn Watson
Customer Support Rep. 
660-385-3161 x316


Name Email Telephone
Lacy Cole
Assistant Vice President, 
Retail Operations Manager
660-385-3161 x314
Angie Taylor
Retail Operations Specialist
660-385-3161 x315
Jill Winkler
Retail Operations Specialist
660-385-3161 x220
Cassia Reynolds
Retail Operations Specialist

660-385-3161 x312
Haley Blaise
Payments Program Coordinator 660-385-3161 x408
Meleah Higbee
Fraud and ID Theft Prevention Coordinator 660-385-3161 x401

Loan Officers

Name Email  Telephone 
James "Rusty" Neill
President / CEO
MLO# 696998

660-385-3161 x250
Jared Weydert
Executive Vice President, Chief Lending Officer

660-385-3161 x257
Brian Winter
Senior Vice President, Commercial Lending Manager
MLO# 696997

660-385-3161 x256
Gary Scheiderer
Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer

660-385-3161 x310
Cooper Neill
Assistant Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer
MLO# 1986760
660-385-3161 x301
Shane Truitt
Vice President,
Consumer Lending Manager
MLO# 696994

660-385-3161 x253
Kelly Phillips
Consumer Loan Officer
MLO# 634581

660-385-3161 x313
Loryssa Morris
Consumer Loan Officer
660-385-3161 x252

Loan Processors

Name Email  Telephone 
Tracy Liebhart
Assistant Vice President, Loan Processing Manager
MLO #845488

660-385-3161 x242
Lexie Robertson
MLO #1862094 660-385-3161 x244
Nora Dodd
MLO #1947054
660-385-3161 x251
Loretta Kelchner
MLO #2020330
660-385-3161 x246
Jamison Roberts
MLO #2234559
660-385-3161 x245
Jane Watts
MLO #2452946
660-385-3161 x304
Bonnie Becker
Loan Administration Specialist

660-385-3161 x115
Shelley Wilson
Loan Administration Specialist 660-385-3161 x243

Additional Bank Employees

Name Email  Telephone
Andee Bush
Vice President, CFMP; Marketing/Public Relations Officer

660-385-3161 x317
Justin Bender
Information Security Officer
660-385-3161 x303
Lorri Cook
Assistant Vice President, Software Applications Administrator

660-385-3161 x306
Carrie Bergfield
Vice President, SHRM-SCP; Personnel Development Officer

660-385-3161 x307
Jennifer Utter
Vice President, Compliance Officer
660-385-3161 x211
Maria Boone
Assistant Vice President, Lending Compliance Specialist
MLO #902927

660-385-3161 x241
Mike Arnold
Credit Analyst

660-385-3161 x249
Jordan Teter
Credit Analyst
660-385-3161 x254
Bart White
Senior Credit Analyst

660-385-3161 x255
Karen Murr
Board Secretary
660-385-3161 x240
Brent Bernhardt
Security Officer

660-385-3161 x406
William Whisenand
Facilities Coordinator 660-385-3161 x110

Monroe City Branch Employees

Name Email Telephone
Colette Elsen 
Assistant Vice President, Branch Manager 

660-385-3161 x502
Jill Spalding
Assistant Branch Manager

660-385-3161 x511
Darin Underhill
Assistant Vice President/Lending
MLO# 1182583

660-385-3161 x503
Angela Ross
Universal Banker

660-385-3161 x506
Lauren Fortner
Universal Banker

660-385-3161 x506
Erica Taylor
Universal Banker
660-385-3161 x506

MA Financial

Name Email Telephone
Nicole Wilson
Financial Services Coordinator

660-385-3161 x219