1893 Savings

Start building your savings with this account and access it as much as you need to.

  • Interest bearing
  • Unlimited withdrawals
  • Free ATM card
savings account
  • Junior Savings

    This interest bearing account is designed to teach children the value of saving money.

    • For 18 and under
    • No monthly fee
    • Special incentive gifts
  • Certificates of Deposit

    With a CD from Macon-Atlanta State Bank, you get a fixed rate for a fixed amount of time, with no surprises.

    • Fixed rates
    • Higher returns
    • Interest compounded quarterly
  • Health Savings Account

    Start using this tax-advantaged medical savings account today!

    • No monthly fee
    • Debit Card available
    • Interest bearing
  • Christmas Savings Account

    Start setting aside funds now so that when it's time to start shopping for the holidays, you're ready.

    • Begin saving for Christmas now
    • Interest bearing
    • $10 to open