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MA Bank

MasterCard Business Credit Card

The community card for your business.

Buying power everywhere you go, support right here in your hometown! 
Exclusively offered through MA Bank, the MA Bank Credit Card is a truly local credit card for all your business purchases. All payments and inquiries are made directly to MA Bank, allowing you to work with local bank staff. 
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Ability to earn rewards, including travel points, merchandise and cash back
  • Payments and inquiries are made directly to the bank
  • Ability to make your card payment online or through mobile banking
  • MasterCard Perks*
*Contact MasterCard for additional perks information or to file a claim at 1-800-627-8372 or read our MasterCard Guides benefits(Opens in a new Window).
MA Bank is happy to offer a robust reward program with our business credit cards!  You can shop for merchandise, travel or even earn cash back through our reward program!     To visit our reward site, please click the following link
 MA Bank Reward Program.