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MA Bank

Why MA Bank?

Welcome to Macon flag on a historical bank building.

Photography courtesy of Kelly Lewis.

The Community Bank Difference. 

At MA Bank we strive to be your partner in financial success. 

We know everyone has unique needs, which is why we don't offer 'one size fits all' solutions. Our team of bankers will work with you to find the right products and services to help you reach your financial goals. Our tagline 'It All Happens Here" encompasses our approach to banking. Whether you are working with a Universal Banker, Customer Service Representative, or Loan Officer, our team members are dedicated to finding the right solutions for
you. We will be there to celebrate alongside you as you buy your first home, welcome your new baby, send your teen to college, retire, and so many other important milestones in your life. MA Bank will not only be there for you during the good times, but we will be there to help you navigate through the tough times as well. That is the community bank difference and the promise we make to our customers.

As MA Bank grows and invests in the future, we will continue to offer customizable banking solutions that make your life easier, while maintaining the approach that makes community banking special...relationships.  Thank you for giving us the chance to be your financial partner!