Other Services

Automatic Funds Transfers

You can transfer funds automatically between your Macon-Atlanta State Bank accounts at no charge.

Card Settlement Machines

Electronically submit customer's credit card sales for readily available funds directly deposited to your account.

Cashier's Checks & Money Orders

When you need a more secure option than cash, get a cashier's check or money order. Fees may apply.

Currency Exchange

Traveling abroad? Just got back? We offer purchasing and exchange of all foreign currency, subject to normal exchange rate fluctuations. Fees may vary.

Direct Customer Billing

Sometimes known as ACH origination, this service allows you to request payment from your customers electronically. Simple, Direct and Safe for you AND your customers.

Direct Deposit

The easy and convenient way to get your paycheck deposited electronically into your Macon-Atlanta State Bank account.

Fax Sending & Receiving

Any bank employee can send a fax for you, or you can have faxes sent into the bank and held for you.

Loan Escrow Services

These services allow you to set aside money with each loan payment to cover the insurance on your home and/or annual property taxes.

Notary Public

A Notary Seal guarantees the signature on a document. We have several Notary Publics available to serve your needs.

Payroll Services

Set up payroll to automatically deposit to your employees' accounts no matter where they bank and eliminate the time and expense of printing checks.

Safe Deposit Boxes & Abstract Storage

Safe deposit boxes protect your valuable and important documents. Contents of safe deposit boxes and filing services are not insured by FDIC or Macon-Atlanta State Bank. Obtaining insurance protection is the renter's responsibility.

U.S. Savings Bond Redemption

See any teller to redeem a U.S. Savings Bond. We can also assist you in determining the value and maturity date of your bond.

Wire Transfers

When you're looking for a secure, easy way to send money either domestically or internationally, we can help you with a wire transfer.