Cash Management

We understand the challenges of running a business, and our Cash Management services can help. Save money and time by eliminating paper payroll checks and billing your customers automatically. No more lost checks! No more waiting for remittance!

To use your bank account online, access our secure website, anywhere, anytime. Simply upload payroll or remittance files to the bank and we take it from there. It's superior financial control at your fingertip, and it's never been easier or more convenient. Find out more today!

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Cash Management
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  • Save money by going green and using less paper/checks
  • Minimize postage costs
  • Originate ACH transactions to credit employee accounts for payroll, or debit customer accounts for remittance
  • ACH transaction approval is required
  • Fees: $10.00 per batch file and $.04 per item

Security features include:

  • Safe and secure encrypted connections with our HomeBanker online banking package
  • User IDs and Passwords which will be issued to each cash management user
  • More secure than paper checks